Google for Jobs for recruitment agencies

As a personnel service provider, you have the challenge of quickly presenting the best candidates to the customer.

Over 72% of all candidates start their job search on Google. So there is no getting around Google for Jobs.

With SEO for Jobs you have the optimal tool in hand to find the best talents for your customers via Google.

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The world's largest job exchange

With the introduction of Google for Jobs, the search engine giant became the largest job exchange in the world. Millions of people look for a new job on Google every day.

As soon as Google recognizes that the search query is a job search, Google's job portal is displayed directly on the first search results page. The job portal is marked with a blue box and cannot be overlooked. As is known from Google, the individually matching job advertisements are displayed for each user.

Google for Jobs is an ideal addition to the existing channels, especially for personnel service providers . In order to fill vacant positions as quickly as possible, comprehensive visibility on the Internet is very important.

Respond to customer requests

With SEO for Jobs you have full control over your job postings on Google and can therefore respond specifically to the requirements or wishes of your customers . All information that is displayed on Google for Jobs can be customized via SEO for Jobs.

Classic search

With the classic search, you look for suitable candidates on behalf of your client. In this case, both the company name of your client and your own company name will appear in your job advertisements. With the logo that is displayed for the job advertisement, you can freely decide whether the logo of your client or your own logo is displayed.

Of course, you can also place job advertisements on Google for different clients in parallel with your SEO for Jobs customer account. If you have a lot of vacancies, our job crawler could also be of interest to you.

Discrete search

In the case of critical or central positions, companies often want a discreet search from the personnel service provider they trust. It should not be clear at which company the advertised position is to be filled.

The information of the personnel service provider can simply be stored here for the logo, company name and for the inscription of the apply button.

You can also flexibly decide how detailed the information should be at the place of use .

Search on behalf of the tenant

In contrast to the discreet search, as a recruitment agency you can of course take a back seat and publish job advertisements on behalf of your client. The name of the recruitment agency will then not appear on Google for Jobs.

Of course, you can still determine how and where potential candidates can apply .

  1. Different logos

  2. Individual lettering

  3. Any level of detail for the location

  4. Optional salary information

  5. Management of all clients in one account

Reporting & evaluations

Some companies would like the commissioned personnel service providers to provide information and evaluations on the measures taken. In your SEO for Jobs account you will find clear information about the number of clicks and keywords for your job advertisements. Redirects from Google for Jobs to your website are automatically recorded by Google Analytics - if this is set up on your website.

Activate optional advertising

With SEO for Jobs, you can now also place job ads as advertisements in Google Search. Especially for recruiters it is difficult to fill some jobs, because often not enough applicants are reached. Direct advertising can help here. By placing advertisements, the reach and visibility of job ads among potential applicants increases. Therefore, you can now place your advertisements under the "Advertising" window.

With your SEO for Jobs account, in addition to the reporting function, you have other useful functions available to get the best out of Google for Jobs.

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