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We at SEO for Jobs are the first service provider in the German market to specialize in Google for Jobs. With our unique solution, your job advertisements will be listed on Google for Jobs in the highest quality.

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At an international HR fair in Berlin, one of the speakers mentioned in a subordinate clause that Google is currently working on a new search function for job advertisements.

At that moment the idea for SEO for Jobs was born. When the words Google and Jobsearch were combined in one sentence, it was clear: This will completely revolutionize the job advertisement market.

We at SEO for Jobs thus vanished Google's job search function from day one. Even before the market launch in Germany, we published our solution for managing job advertisements on Google for Jobs.

We have taken on a pioneering role and are the first service provider on the German market to specialize in Google for Jobs.

SEO for Jobs is now available in over fifteen countries and manages thousands of job advertisements.


The heart of SEO for Jobs beats for technology. We know how powerful new technologies are and how they turn entire industries upside down almost overnight. At the same time, however, these technologies are also very complex and difficult to access.

We at SEO for Jobs have made it our goal to make these new technologies accessible to everyone . In over 15 years we have gained a lot of experience in software development. Usability always comes first . The simple and self-explanatory a software solution, the better - and that's exactly how it is with SEO for Jobs.

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For us, the customer is in the foreground. From the first contact to the optimal job advertisement on Google for Jobs, you are in the best of hands with us. We attach particular importance to long-term cooperation - not least because search engine optimization unfolds its full potential primarily through continuity.

  1. Self-explanatory product

  2. Excellent support

  3. Satisfied costumers

Through our values, companies of all sizes trust us - from one-man businesses to medium-sized companies to large corporations in over fifteen countries.

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